Ghost town of Gyro Facility?!

Hi all,

I’ve been in Gyro since a week after the reset and have always faced more humans than AI. In the last week and a half I’ve faced less than 7 people… My trophies are about the same as they were my team is about the same, the time of day I battle is the same, yet I struggle to get a battle no matter how long I wait.

Add to the fact that my local sanctuaries aren’t used any more it feels like I’m a final survivor of an apocalypse when in playing JWA.

The only guys I see walking the streets at odd hours are playing Pogo or Wizards. Am i the only one left in my town? And one of a few fighting survivors in Gyro?


I was in Gyro. Then they changed something and I’m getting matched with all lvl 30 teams and losing like 38 trophies each time. Dropped 300 trophies this morning trying to fill my incs. I don’t know what they did, but I don’t like it and would happily be up there battling with you.

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I have had 1 human opponent in 10 days lol. Don’t know what’s going on. Feels like either ppl quit or something changed. Hopefully they have a fix in the works.


According to galaxy data this game has lost atleast 12k during the last few weeks. That said no telling if those 12k were similar along all platforms and how many of those numbers were people that should have been in gyro.

If its a pop thing the only way help is to widen match making which is already in a terrible spot.

Even going to a trophy based match making might help the rest of the ladder but not those in the upper most arenas.


I wish I could fight some ai. At least you get different dinos and a better match.

I’m still fighting super boosted Thor and allosino who can just energizer bunny your team in 1 shots and if you do get one low dracoceratops comes to save the day.

Must be nice to fight ai.


I still actively play, but just doing the bare minimum in the arena until they provide a fix.
5 August is just a week away and I don’t expect a fix by then.
I don’t want to do anything overly risky and fall below 5000 before reset.
(I like locking in the 5K reward right off the bat)