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Ghostbusters (Creature file #91)

I probably don’t need my ghost sucker machine. Why? Because there’s a demon monster out there that I don’t know anything about that because I’m not a Ghostbusters fan. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Zuul.

Rarity: Rare

Health: 3740

Damage: 1010

Speed: 113

Armor: 25%

Critical: 5%


Superior Vulnerability

Short Defense

Nullifying Rampage

Passive: Immune to Vulnerability

Possible hybrid: Crurivopteryx, fuse with Zuul and Darwezopteryx

Rarity: Unique

Health: 3800

Damage: 1050

Speed: 115

Armor: 25%

Critical: 5%


Superior Vulnerability


Defeat Shattering Rampage

Nullifying Impact

Passive: Immune to Vulnerability, and Swap in Wound

  • Zuul was named after a fictional character from Ghostbusters.

  • Almost nearly completed skeleton has been found so far, including the skull.

  • It’s scientific name is Latin for “destroyer of shin”.


What’s the clue for he next one? @Apple

Waiter: What will it be?

Prehistoric lizard: a giant meat for me to butcher please

What could it be?

You’ll just wait and see, mi amigo

Possibly Megalania? ( if you haven’t done it, idk)

That’s correct.

Long Protection
Club Smash (Destroy shields, 1x damage, target vulnerable for 2 turns) CD:1
Immune to Vulenerable

Does Club Smash has a cooldown?

Edit: Nevermind

Actually Zuul does not mean “destroyer of shins”, the species name crurivastator does. So basically the full name means Zuul, destroyer of shins.

Where did you find this? I found it in the website called Prehistoric Wildlife

First read about it on the Dinosaur Toy Forum.

It changed it

Ah, Megalania, the posinous biting lizard?

Eeyup. I did it today. Go check it out

Ok, I see it now