Giant Orthocone VIP Tournament - 1/31/2020 - 2/3/2020

I thought it would be a tournament with an acrocanthosaurus or a pterodaustro, but no, it will be the ice cream peel. :frowning:

Yeah, a surprising choice considering it is now a “regular” VIP creature. Perhaps the Tusoteuthis would have been a better choice but still, I appreciate the fact that we have VIP exclusive tournaments :+1:

Yes, there was some discussion on this over on the Weekly Schedule thread. A very lame and disappointing choice by Ludia, once again giving the shaft to their paying VIPs. Making it a 2-1/2 day tournament to boot is particularly ridiculous.

I’m not opposed to another Giant Orthocone, in principle. Level 20s form the backbone of my Cave lineup. I would be fine with this for a single day tournament, A three day tournament needs a better reward. The two Stygimoloch cards was awesome. That was worth a weekend’s work.

In principle, I wouldn’t necessarily be either. If we got VIP tournaments more frequently for instance (e.g. once a month), sure, throw some of the regulars in there too. But make them 1-day tournaments only.

Could the blue background of the event card be an indicator that this is going to be an aquatic tournament?
I would like to have aquatics fighting to get an aquatic.

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Considering the strength of a VIP compared to a legendary tournament creature this is definitely worth it.

Really disappointing in a VIP tournament with a 10k and 20k pack creature.

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Now there is a good idea - I agree that there should be a VIP tournament every month circulating through the exclusive VIP creatures. I am considering downgrading from VIP soon as it is hard to justify the cost after you achieve a certain level within the game but frequent VIP tournaments would help sway me…

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Since it used the “Shake the Earth” title, I’m assuming it’s Jurassics. Not that they always label them correctly, so we never know for sure until it starts.

It does surprise me they don’t do a VIP tournament every month… I imagine there are people that only pay for the membership when a tournament to get one of the exclusives pops up, particularly if it’s one they haven’t gotten yet, so running them more often would keep people subscribed all the time. I doubt the Orthocone is going to be one they’d do that for though. I know I wouldn’t.

For the last several months we’ve had almost one a month, although we did take December off

Remember it is not only the pack that we will get access to but also the ~75/75 SDNA for the missions surrounding it. While I would obviously like a better reward (who wouldn’t?) I am glad to see a VIP exclusive tournament in general.

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Obviously something is better than nothing, but personally I am not going to tell Ludia I’m just fine with them giving us the regular 10K VIP creatures in tournaments and have that be the new normal.

Ludia has change the pack to 2 Giant orthocones now.


These are great news. And 2 times 1000 bucks or 5000 DNA is also wonderful.


Thank you Ludia for listening and acting on the feedback here to increase the pack value for the upcoming VIP tournament.


Yes, now it is worth fighting for!

The tournament is Jurassic


Surprise, surprise.

Quite true, but it’s not confirmed until the tournament is live