Gift for Social Media?

Anyone get the gift for liking Ludia on social media? I got a notice about a community gift but it just disappeared when I clicked it with no information about what was, or would be, received.

I think it was gems. When i tapped on the message, it looked like my gems at the top flashed, but i dont know for 100 percent or how many i got if i did indeed get some.

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Hey gpinsky1313, I believe it was Gems as I just received the reward as well, and saw the flash. However, our team could take a closer look to be sure if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

If you can include the date and time of when you opened the message, it’d be really helpful.


The gem icon flashed but the total did not increase.

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I had the same issue, although I am unsure about the gem icon flash and/or increase…what gives?

I got 50 gems (I think) for just being a member of the forum