Gift package


Why didn’t i get this gift package i keep hearing about?


Here’s one possible troubleshooting suggestion, if you haven’t tried it already: If you’ve had the app open and running all the time for the last few days, you might not have received the proper notification.

Close out of the app completely so that you get the start screen upon reopening the app. Click on the mailbox/inbox in the top right hand corner–it should have a red circle notifying you that you have a message. The free incubator will appear with a sort of “Thank you” message that you can click to unlock and receive free resources. It’s a one-time thing, though.


Hey chadagore1, if you’re still having trouble getting the gift that was sent out on July 17, 2018, reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia with your support key and they will be happy to assist you. However, they’ve been getting an influx of tickets lately so it might take some time for them to respond back to you.


Thank you very much for your reply