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Gifts are out : tell what's in the box!

Christmas Gifts are here! What did you get from it?

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When you cant leave work and your surrounded by :gift:


All supply drops are wrapped in bows too…lol is that meant to confuse us?

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Only seen green large boxes so far hmm…

All green for me and they all disappeared when I opened one; 2500 coins - which is strange as I thought green was cash … Alliance members are only seeing green ones as well.


Hopefully its level based. I was getting close to 4k from the regular treasure hunt chests at level 20.

Hm … I have opened about 10 “gifts” and “all as usual”… am I missing something?

Small or large looking boxes? Small are the same, large is thr Christmas event

Santa said you were naughty…no gifts for you…lol


It seems 2500 coins are the most common reward for this chest

Haven’t seen what’s in it yet but oh my gosh how sweet and cute

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Metahub say there is a 50% chance of getting 2,500 - you don’t want to know the odds for a Premium incubator …

This was in mine!!! Yay!

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5k coins in mine as well

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35% chance

In my green box:


So is it 1 color per day?

I got 5k in green box I’m guessing like treasure chest we get green blue or red box every 4 hours?? 1 of each colour per day??

All the timers are showing 22+ hours left and tresure boxes showed the under 6 hour timers so im guessing 1 a day.

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I guess if they actually told us the rules we wouldn’t need to talk to each other. :crazy_face: