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Gifts are out : tell what's in the box!


If that’s the case I wanna reroll jokes


Green is supposed to be cash though… so something is way off…


Also, first one and the info they gave us is wrong. Green is supposed to have dino bucks.


I actually want a reroll in that case lol


So the question is, if you open one now and get coins, will you be able to open another later when they fix it so that it gives cash? Or, do they fix it at all?


I got 10. 000 coins so that good !


Yes that’s what’s in the code. I’m more concerned by the fact it’s only a placeholder and they can do whatever they want server side…like 60% first drop, 35% next one and 5% among the rest.

But still, enjoy the free coins :grinning:


Got 10.000 coins. :grinning:


OK they have changed the color now :


I haven’t seen any at all in my 30 minute commute… Maybe need to restart (again)?


For anyone that opened a gift when it was green, do you see the purple boxes now?


No :disappointed: I opened the green few minutes after it showed up and now I don’t see any other


I’m assuming that is supposed to be “red”?


I opened my green one and the rest vanished just like the treasure chests . Got 5000


I opened 3 treasure chests this morning on the way to work and thought that was odd.


Yeah, the normal treasure chests this morning we’re allowing multiple openings. I loaded up.

Then at 9am local time, the new colored boxes showed up.


@hersh…i knew it. U’ll get nicer one than us hahaha… we’ve been talking u in our Alliance hahaha…


coins and a ton of dna is what i received


2500 for us.

The supply drops and presents are so cute! Love the effort Ludia have gone to :gift: !

:blush: so cute and nice addition to the game.

Plus free stuff is always appreciated even if it is the lowest freebie :slight_smile:


Really @Pateradactyl??!

Awesome :gift::sunglasses: what dna did you get??