Giga coming soon?

Screenshot_20220512-193308_Google Play Store
Just saw that this is the new icon for the game in the playstore. Is this a teaser?


I can’t see it on my Playstore, but considering Dominion is about a month away, it wouldn’t surprise me we get it next update.


What dinos to make it do we think or know?

Giga is a dinosaur species so I’m guessing darting or event exclusivity


It’s in the new jw movie wich the next update is based so yes he’s probably com

Probably therizinosaurus, dreadnoughtus, lystrosaurus, microceratus, atrociraptor, moros and maybe new gens for oviraptor, pyroraptor and dimetrodon


The former, please. I don’t want any more exclusives

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I hope so too. Or at least if they’re exclusive they should get raids

All we can hope for is that they have been listening to all the constructive criticism that’s been going their way since 2.15.

But with Jam City on the case I’m certain they’ll just spam the store with giga instead. Hope they prove me wrong but with their track record I highly doubt they will

We have many new creatures this time so at least some will be non exclusive

True. Them coming out with all event exclusives will kill the game. But seeing how giga is the new icon he’s definitely going to be an event exclusive. Plus he’s an epic so they can charge more for him compared to alberto

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Imma guess


Common or rare?




Common or rare?

And the giga will be epic

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Yeah. But if it is hopefully they’ll announce it right away and don’t change it later like with Rodrigues

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Speaking of Gigantosaurus here’s my concept of it