Giga hybrid ideas

Someone told me to make this :expressionless:
I’ll start

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Impact won’t hurt ( y two strikes two rampages :expressionless: ? )

Rending takedown is not a rampage

True but at least one of strikes should become impact :grin:

I agree

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Without speed boosts I think it will perform poorly



Does anyone else feel bad for the giga?


You mean it’s hybrid getting steamrolled by referatum of what happened in the movie?

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Notoraptor change

This is a parent to the Giga hybrid below.

Honestly, it would be kind of cool if these hybrids were added to the game to bring bleeders back into the meta.

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Have we just forgotten about Scorpius and Scorpius gen 3?

I also made a spino and T. rex hybrid but it was with Rexy and spinosaurus gen 3(custom) and it is called spinotyrannus