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Giga kill indo G2

This is what happened in tourna with giga

It was epic


Respect for using one of the worst legendaries.


Started with him until killed indo G2

Did that too but with something even worse

At least gig has a 2x move


Respect forThylo_75

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believe it or not
I killed an indo G2 with megalogaia


Cool but megalogaia is actually better than nodotitan and giga

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Your opponents probably played their IG2 incorrectly…

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Ya but that’s leagues better than these two but impressive nonetheless

Respect you have

He did cautious, i did decel, he does DSR, i do my rampage, he goes evase, i decel again, then i rampage and kill

That’s where they went wrong. after they went for CS, they should have either did MF or ES and the hit giga with CS until it was enough for a DSR kill.

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Many things can kill Indo G2 with luck… it depends on hitting through evasion… But since it’s 75% of it working, I’d say your chances of doing it most of the times are pretty slim…

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He did dodge when he did evase

As for me he went CS I went SS;

I think the combination of the fact CS did nothing against 40% armor and that I had SS able to say heck you CS and that I had 5.1k hp made the player freak.

I went impact he went MF

He went Rampage I went SS

I went I think decel or SS but he was dead

After getting a rampage on the face it doesn’t matter much…

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The MF part was the wrong play. You need to make sure you can kill the Dino on the battlefield with any of your moves, if you cannot, don’t go for it.

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Well I couldn’t think of much he could do honestly in the end he was gonna be slow and open for a revenge kill as soon as I brought noodle in he was screwed

He should of went for ES instead of MF that time, people still cannot understand the concept of MF…

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On Gamepress there is an article about MF

Lol even then he had to rely on RNG and in then the end it would have turned out them same probably just way longer and drawn out