Giga op

This thing has sauropod hp with 5400, has pretty good attack with 1700, heals full hp, targets group so flocks can’t counter it well and increases grit chances along with some good resistances.

I think on escape has ruined the game, it was okay when only a few creatures had it, mostly snakes but now every new creatures gets like two and it takes away strategy


Swap in damage did. Without creatures with crazy attack stats getting swap in damage on escape wouldn’t be needed.
Actually, on escape is pretty good, the problem is when a creature has both on escape and swap in like phorurex was.

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yes, thats the origin of the issue, but now on escape is worse tbh. there were 2 creatures with 1500 damage and that was it. that was a pretty big problem, but on escape started to get worse with flocks and now everything gets, even creatures that aren’t flocks or snakes

to clarify, im not saying nerf giga into an oblivion cuz I love giga, but its too op for its rarity like rexy

i like that there is a non hybrid fierce who can counter flocks. Although yes maybe it’s health is a bit to high but it’s attack is ok compared to other epic fierce


i wouldnt mind giga’s stats if it werent just a better acro. I feel like the other epic chompers need to be reworked so they can stand toe-to-toe and at least feel fair.

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For anyone that doesn’t think Giga is too strong. This was from someone testing out Giga in 1v1 matchups. Note that while creatures can be balanced despite having good H2H matchups, they can be countered by swaps. Giga can’t, it has an On Escape and a lot of health.

“Giga epic beats all epic non hybrids but anuro”
“and anuro needs dodges and 50/50 wins”
“its the best epic non hybrid”

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Panda, epic rex, blue, acro and mono can beat giga


On escape has crossed the line aswell imo. Example are argent’s on escape rally paired with that good 1v1 or maybe hydra’s heal and rampage on escape with probably the best 1v1 in the game

Only panda is somewhat meta there

-someone who uses blue for fun knowing there are other better options


Blue wins using dodge luck. Acro loses if Giga swaps in. Rex wins only if it wins the speed tie, and loses if Giga swaps in on it. Monoloph loses if Giga gets a single crit. Panda wins 50/50 using mind games.

I have yet to find an epic non-hybrid with a 100% win rate against Giga.


this was my original concept of giganotosaurus before update and its more interesting. I gave it bleed because it used to bleed out argentinosaurus to hunt them
It can keep the resistances it has and change the rampage to group, but I think itś better overall, maybe hp at 4500.

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