Giga or stego


Id say giga is my favorite dino and i know they have different uses but is a high lv giga worth to put on the team


Also believe giga should have kept api due to low damage. It would make it stand out


Gigaspikasaur has the same moves as Nodopatosaurus, while Stegodeus has thagomiser and rampage.


Do you have axcess to a park? Cause right now it comes down to this… how many stegos have you darted since the update…

Stegod is still one of the best tanks in the game but dna is scarce and id rather have lvl 24 giga then a 19 stegod.


I love my giga but last few updates had him as not performing at the level I expect from legendary so was off team. In 1.5 though the giga is back! this great Dino has become my favourite tank(my only tank I have in combat team cause of bleed meta!) fairly high dmg counter can rampage every 2 turn can slow for 3 turns every 2 turn and decent attack stat. My lvl 20 has surprisingly downed a lvl 26 stegod(your faster have counter and put out better overall dps with the same armour practically, stegod just has HP these days. Against the bleeders you can usually kill it and switch before bleeding out, who needs cleanse?!)


The reason why is because your giga is in a higher level and I only darted on Stegosaurus


i have both giga and deus on my team at level 26. ive slways had them both on my team.


I dont even have a giga, my point was i see more amargs in a day then i see stegasaur in a week. If you goal is a tank that is easy to level giga is the only one that is based on all global components and doesnt require park spawns.


Don’t go advertising as being “common” I wouldn’t mind my tank rocking long term unlike stegod!!!
Steps to get definite nerf
Advertise creature as common
They flood arena
Everyone practices with them and gets good
Newbies cry that Dino is op
Dino nerfed into the turf meaning everyone needs new tank dino
Giga only just got better by the other tank choices getting worse lol let’s not start this process!!!