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Giga scent and rare scent actually became useful

So I was gonna play JWA, when suddenly it wanted an update. I didnt care about this update, (i had important bussiness, aka gaming).

But when i put that giga scent, i actually got something other than low tier trash commons! I got a few rares there. With the rare scent, i got a compy gen 2 (i was surprised, didnt know it existed) and got 50 DNA. And then it appeared again and i got another 50 DNA. And then i got 50 PURROLYTH DNA! Thats kinda unbelievable to me!

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the compies are new. just came with the new update.


Yeah, we now have compsognathus gen 1 epic(sporting film like colorings of green red and brown) and compsognathus gen 2 rare(sporting brown and pink colorations)
we also got dodos


Oh yeah i knew about that.

Because if you read it again it says i didnt read the update thing, but you might have been fooled by “i didnt know they existed this whole time”. Well what i meant is i didnt know they were added.

Wow you’re lucky you got a compy… by me i used that to but nothing important… damm :frowning:

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Well yeah i got mine, but it has no purpose. I just need to at least make it level 8…

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for compies you just have to be in the right zone, so I guess you are in zone 2 or 3?

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What are those zones with country?

I dont even know my zone lol

Nice me too…

But luckely there are sanctuaries…

If you go to gamepress, and check spawn mechanics, you can see what zone you are in by checking what dinosaurs spawn in your area. Baryonyx gen 2’s are in zone 2, I am getting those spawning around me so I am in zone 2, epic compies are zone 1 and rares are 4. There are 4 zones total, and they swap out every month, so first 1, next month 2, then 3, then 4, and back to 1

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Thx i will check it out now…

How do you game by gamepress?

Mean come…

Guess im in zone four…

But what zone has only tarbosaurus and apatosaurus appearing every time, and all the legendaries are literally a few feet away?

Ok that was just a joke because the place i am in is terribile

if u go to this topic, there’s a link to spawn mechanics and all

Thanks for it :slight_smile:

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Yeah that was very helpful

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