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Giga scent end date

So we won’t be getting the Giga scents come July 31st. Do you think they’ll extend them longer or is it over for good this time?

Hopefully there will be another extension. I am still working from home and with the summer, infected people count is increasing.


I don’t have a problem with hunting right now but I know many people do. The pandemic hasn’t disappeared, in fact it became even worse…


The pandemic is getting worse around certain parts, particularly the Americas, i’d expect an extension as they have before.


Agree with you guys.

Giga and the pack of darts sales are of great help to us players. It doesn’t hurt anyways. Have bought the pack of darts since the beginning everyday. What’s left in my storage now is just over 20k.

Very true indeed. The pandemic isn’t over yet. So, any assistance to help us enjoy the game better (while not necessarily exposing ourselves too much in public) is very much appreciated.

P/S: Many in the forum I know disagree with my opinions. If I’ve offended anyone by offering my opinions, I’m sorry. Just me thinking out loud…:blush:

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Out of curiosity, is anyone still actually prohibited from leaving their home? Our stay-at-home order has always allowed outdoor exercise such as walking, running, bicycling, etc. I also checked the orders for the other US states and found the same. How are things in the rest of the world?

The situation here in India is uncertain. There’s a full-blown lockdown in certain hotspots, and occasional periods of lockdown based on the number of cases daily.

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