Giga scent should be zone independent

In current situation:

  1. You can’t dart creatures from other (not avaiable) zones
  2. You overdart creatures from your zone

This are huge problem.

Giga scent should either:

  • spawn creatures from all zones instead of current (so if now should be zone rare spawn, then zone should be picked at random from 1-4, park)
  • spawn only zone creatures, from all zones (so: no global, no hybrid pursuit, no daily, …)

Excellent idea but Daily Creatures will not not attract to any scents.

I agree but I still want them to attract global and pursuit, or even daily, because when we are stuck at home, giga scents are pretty much our only sources of creatures. They should just spawn all of them


Great idea! :slight_smile: I support it!

Zone independent means your chance of getting anything good is diluted more. So you will get the same 20 commons instead of the same 4. You get more variety but it gets stale after 3 scents because the same group spawns. Apato, Nodo, Irri G2, Nunda, Eina, Para, Tri G2, Deino and Arche. The rest will appear less often than they currently do in the zonal system.


If this isn’t possible for some reason, then make four different flavors of giga scent, one for each zone!


If they’re different flavors, can I eat them?

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LOL :joy:
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Giga cents make in times of Corona and domestic quarantine little sense if animals are not to be seen global. We player get vast amounts in DNA of animals as for the rest good are to be hunted.

Hey Turitutu4890XD, I’ll pass the suggestion/feedback to our team. Thank you!

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I completely understand your points, and as much as I agree with you. Giga Scents are only meant to be a temporary thing, they’re going on the May 1st

I mean, if Ludia did decide to make Giga scent a pernament thing (which @Ned, I am so praying they do so.) Then those points would be valid changes.

But given Giga scents are meant to help us out during Lockdown and COVID 19. I think they do their job fine.


Giga scents have injected new life into the game. Before they introduced them, my only real play time was while in a moving vehicle. Now I can play any time.

If Ludia is smart, they will find a way to keep them in the game. I wouldn’t even care if they made them available in the shop. I just love the ability to sit back at the end of the day on the couch and dart for a few hours. If I’m doing that, I’m not playing other games that might tempt me to spend real money on them.


Actually why does the Giga Scent and extended range end on May 1? Does Rona end by then?

Many lockdowns will continue after 1 May. I would like it if each gigascent has a different area. So the first giga scent you unlock attracts the creatures from area 1, the next for area 2 etc…
I would love it if the gigascents Can permanently stay in some form. Maybe they can be added to the scent strike towers after the corona crises. That way going out looking for dino’s will still be encouraged and you can get gigascents too just not as frequently as during this lockdown period.

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Like many things I would imagine that Ludia will evaluate the situation and react accordingly. I think we need the Gigascents to continue but not the darts. I’m a everyday player and I’m sitting on 22,000 and something darts. It will take a year or more of regular play to burn through those.

I like @RCRiv’s idea.
A random Giga1-4 scent would be welcome.
This wont work for everyone, but what I have been doing is packing a giant battery pack, an extra phone for web surfing, some snacks, a bottle of water, and an empty 1 gallon milk jug in my car.
I drive to a local I want (Currently L4).
Find an inconspicuous place to park in the shade with 4 or more SD’s in range where I will not be bothered and cut the engine.
It’s crazy good.