Giga Scent suggestion - let it spawn ALL dinos

The Giga Scents that are temporarily being handed out are great, but there’s one tiny problem… They only spawn dinos from within your zone at present.

It would be hugely appreciated if the scents could actually spawn all dinos from all zones and perhaps even the parks. Right now, many of us can’t shift to another zone or park, but we’re chock full of the dinos from our own zones.

Alternatively, perhaps we could choose which zone we use? I’d even take a gamble with each Giga Scent dedicated to a certain zone being handed out at random every 6 hours. Since this is only a temporary measure, after all.


I certainly think this needs to be a thing considering possible lockdowns. Maybe a different zone each day but still part of your 3 available to get people using them?


This needs to be a thing.