Giga scent variation

I think the giga scents and the darts boost are a great idea especially since a lot of people can’t get out and roam free as much, but I wish the variation in spawns was a bit better. 3 hours of Bajada, irritator gen 2, allosaurus, archaeotherium, iguanodon, and maybe 1 brachiosaurus or concavenator…a few more different rares and epics would be so much better. I know Ludia have done good by introducing these scents and I understand the local spawning laws but a bit more variation would make them SO much more worthwhile


Maybe species themed versions of giga scents. Or local based ones.


Just local-based would be ok. Many people cannot travel to new zones but they can get stuff from incubators and sometimes from events.


I would love a giga for a different zone from mine. While I have occasionally scored a Sinoceratops, and I’ve worked on getting more Tenontosaurus for Tenrex, I’d love a crack at the dinos I totally forgot about because they don’t spawn within 300 meters of my home.

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Species themed would be good, give us a bit more variation

Zoned scents would be great, I’m zone 4 which has the least useful dinos for a lvl 20 player although about once a day I do get a rhino which means I can work on the monolorhino how ever I have over 40,000 parasaur & mono g2 and 60,000 iguanodon which I can’t even give away :sob:

Yeah it would be a good idea I’m after secodonto and he is never round here we get sino, ankylo, concavenator all the time. Even switch it up with the rares, I get loads of echo, tuojiang, Baja and nodo but no argentino, dimetrodon

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Just do zone scents and include a lovely park zone scent too :turtle:

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I suggested the same thing not too long back. Would really like this implemented.