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Giga scents poll

Should the giga scents stay forever in the game? What’s your opinion about them?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t Know

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Save the giga scents. I mean why would they even leave, they were a really good idea. There is a 100% chance of 1 epic and almost 2 and 5 minutes and 20 minutes isn’t enough for a classic scent.


You sure it’s 100% chance of an epic?

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Yes, though if they really think it’s taking a toll, they could make it to one per day restriction. This way if someone’s unable to go outside due to rain or some new restrictions, they could use one of those.


I’m cool with them staying but they really need to rotate areas. I don’t see how it would be that hard to move L1 to L2 and rotate on a monthly basis. It’s gotten beyond monotonous only being able to dart in specific area. And yes I know some countries can go outside now but It looks like majority of states in US are going back into lockdown.


I’m sure it’s here to stay, but forget being free, watch them stamp a huge price on it. After all, there’s enough fat wallets around to justify it.

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They will probley end up so we pay for them in all honesty which isn’t a big problem.

But maybe give one out free per week at one of the stops.

give us 1-2 free per week from drops or whatever. could also sell them in the shop with the other scents. (as long as it is reasonable.)


I think they could give it as a daily reward, one per day or something like that


I’d like them to stay.

Maybe make them part of a harder strike tower event so it’s not too easy to acquire them, instead of hiding it behind a paywall though.

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When that 100 percent can be either a spino or a brachiosaurus that’s where the bad things come in

Many countries are still under covid restrictions. Hope they stay a little longer at least


“should extra free stuff remain in the game?”
Of course everyone would vote yes.
Its a no from me though. Maybe one per week but that’s already a big bonus.
We get more than enough stuff, no reason to keep making this game easy mode. Where’s the challenge? The patience?

What I want is 3 slots for all other scents.


They introduced them because of covid. That thing is still going on so I sy keep them

Agreed. When the Coronavirus situation comes under control and the world can get back to a sense of normality then I fully expect giga scents to go away. They are nice for the moment but not for the long term.

Giga scents compromise the point of the game. They should stay as long as the pandemic is around, but after that, they gotta go. People won’t want them gone because they’re lazy, but it’s gotta happen some day.

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If they stay as they are I say who cares. I’ve had 3 months worth of double commons around me. If maxed on common DNA around you, And covid Keeps us stuck…what’s the point?

I typically get 2-4, usually pyroraptor, sometimes raja or postimetradon, and rarely rex or sino.

That’s because they are global spawns and they are rarer than spino

Its cuz of area 2 and why is brachi bad. I see spino g2 more than all of these except for pyro. I live next to a river, thats why.