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Giga vs deus


yes… this topic again.
in this corner you have the almighty gigaspikasaur at level 26
and in this corner you have the stego god stegodeus at level 26.

who wins??


For sure its gonna be a long and boring fight

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maybe long but not boring for me lol. i appreciate a good defensive battle.


I’d have to give it to stegodeus:

  • Higher baseline speed
  • Superiority to cleanse gigas slowing attack
  • Armor piercing rampage > impact

Gigas counter isn’t armor piercing so a basic hit is more powerful for stegod

(I have a feeling you love giga as much as I used to… well, still do. Just can’t afford to keep her on the team right now)


i guess the point of this exercise to prove that having both at those levels on your team would be a huge advantage. ill have to pvp one of my friends but i think its a little closer then you think since my lvl 22 can stand against higher level deus.


I agree it’s a heck of a tank, with shields up and 40% armor, giga can’t take on a good amount of hits no problem.


the counter strike is very helpfull too. plus pinning strike for those who can take the pain and punishment lol.

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I love that deceleration and pinning combo! Worked great when dealing with raptors … my Giga would end up dying but the opponents dino would be easy Pickings for whatever I brought in next

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lol i love bringing in giga when i see a raptor. its like a cat playing with a mouse.



now imagine if he was level 26 and that team was up lol. overkill. this is my new mission. get giga to 26.


Someone needs to friendly battle these two and screen record it. They would both be at 26