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Giganotosaurus and Ceratosaurus should be added to the game

We’ve got Ice Age mammals, so adding these two dinosaurs (one of which has had an appearance in JP3) should be very simple, right?


Corythosaurus, segisaurus, troodon, mamenchisaurus, compy, METRIACANTHOSAURUS, Herrerasaurus, pachyrhinosaurus, dreadnoughtus, microcertus, Peloroplites, Teratophoneus, Velociraptor gen 2 and 3, pteranodon gen 2 and 3, brachiosaurus gen 2, stegosaurus gen 2, all movie canon dinos they haven’t added to the game. Not to mention Deinonychus, which is what the Velociraptor in the movies are based on. They had their own version cloned by Misrani corp.


and where is my beloved compsognathus? :sob:

More Dino’s more dinosaurs! No more ice and mammal creatures. No aquatic creatures. Just more dinosaurs please!

There’s a lot in the stego family they can add. That’s what I’d like. Plus the ones mentioned above and more.

There are so many that should be added, @MikkoAmour mentioned a lot above. There’s also Limnoscelis, which people have been seeing in the code or during glitches. They could also add a lot more from jwe and jwtg. I personally think we need prestosuchus, or armadillosuchus to be an epic pseudo-croc (posto/kapro type). Armadillosuchus especially could be interesting considering its literally a giant lizard with an armadillo-like shell

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