Giganotosaurus Strike incubator is a joke

The 10 battle incubator is a curious creation. Just win the 1st battle to get the good loot. The last 3 battles consist of battling 30 level dino’s. Guess what your prize is for completing these last 3 battles? 1000 coin each. Unless your alliance needs battles or incubators for the weekly rewards, don’t be disappointed if you can not complete it snafu


After i posted this, i realized what Ludua could be doing. Do they want you to think there is something good at the end and if you fail, you will use greenbacks for more tries which might result in people buying more greenbacks. Cynical thought or way off base?


I’m honestly not too fussed because at least you don’t NEED to face the near unbearable final opponents (for semi-good players like me)

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I think they set the 10 stage strike tower like that for the April Fool’s day event and then forgot to set it back. Oops. :grimacing: Now who’s the fool? :black_joker:


Only reason why I did it is because of the fun challenge

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Yes, I spend cash to get to the end thinking it would be worth it. Ripped off.

I swear I’m one of the only people that actually like these kinds of strike towers. You get a good reward on the very first battle, which is so easy to do it’s practically free, and the rest of the battles are to provide a fun challenge for later players that that sweep through the majority of strike towers with no strategy required, which I agree is more of a chore and isn’t really fun. They even make it obvious that the ending rewards aren’t necessary by showing you that the final reward is a measly 1000 coin. In short, it’s not a ripoff, a joke, or rigged. What would normally be the final reward is very easy to get, and the players looking for a good challenge can do so by continuing through it.


Me thinks you’re giving Ludia way too much credit. My money is on that they goofed.


I like the challenge.

I need coins but won’t spend my bucks so that why I like them

Me too. I need coin no matter how much.

9k coins and a Gigano incubator, it’s worth it

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I thought the same.

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do really think