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Gigantoraptor animation

I would love to see Gigantoraptor in jwa but his size probably makes him too big to have a normal oviraptor animation in my opinion so he should either get the Therizinosaur animation or a unique animation

  • Gigantoraptor should have the therizinosaurus animation
  • Gigantoraptor should have a unique animation
  • Gigantoraptor should have the oviraptor animation

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I know i’m always the one to say “this should get a unique animation and this should get one”, but i feel like it’s quite a waste to make a unique animation for only one not too well known creature and posibly it’s hybrids

I mean i know they did that for pachy but still

Yes but in my opinion it would loose it’s uniqueness if it would get the normal oviraptor animation. Besides considering that Gigantoraptor is 4 times larger than most of it’s kind it would just be looking weird. If he doesn’t get a unique animation he should get the therizinosaurus animation at least