Giganyx Swap In Ability is Awful

Hi there my JWA friends.

I wanted to shine light on a topic that is bugging me A LOT. I have a HUGE problem with the swap in characteristics of the new Giganyx.

Currently when you swap in and less than 50% health… the Giganyx will stun the opponent and heal 100%. This is totally fine.

HOWEVER, the heal ability also gives the opponent 100% health! Whats that about? This means the swap in ability is Only good under very special circumstances! This is a HUGE error by Ludia development.

It totally defeats the purpose of the swap in ability. No other dino has this issue. Even the mutual fury action that Indo Gen 2 or Indom Gen 2 have… only gives a critial increase… but the indo or indom get the full benefits.

In the case of the Giganyx, if you swap in against a Morty or a long neck with 8500+ Health… you have just lost the match… or if you swap in against a faster dino… or one immune to stun… you have handed the match to your opponent.

In my opinion this makes the Giganyx a sitting duck and defeats the swap in heal all together.



On paper it seems to work well against flocks with one or two individuals already down and stunning creatures that already have full health while healing yourself


You are right under very special circumstances, however its very strong when the opportunity presents itself.
Luckily Giganyx Doesn’t have to rely on its swap-in ability.


I have my level 25 boosted to the max… all 25 boosts… in order to be effective i have had to plan the entire match around using it… which isnt how the swap in should be used. Even when i do that… against 50% of the opponents i fight the dino barely survived…

I think if ludia wants to make the Giganyx more user friendly and playable they need to reduce the amount of health given to your opponent to 50% or maybe give them a critical increase. However 100% energy refill is absurd.

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That’s the point. To use strategy for once.


yeah its fine majkes it more interesting if ytou took the heal away from the opponent or even reduced it it would make it too one sided and it would taker over the planet

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I agree that the move is very situational and overall not good, but the last thing Giganyx needs is a buff, its most recent buff already made it a top 10, maybe even 5, creature.


i agree given the right lvl and boosts its a bit of a nightmare :stuck_out_tongue:

Giganyx is strong enough with its new buff, maybe even too strong.
So the swap in can stay the same and it can be good under some circumstances.

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Giganyx definitely does not need another buff lol, and honestly read the thread before clicking post. 100% healing swap in with no downsides would be so stupid lmao


It works well against a creature that doesn’t has Stun Resistance. You can swap out an injured Giganyx and use later.

Only one member of the flock will comeback.

I mean i’ve been swapping it in against dinos that have just come in, so they dont get any health an i stun, heal and boost crit. It’s a situational dino but its a great opener in my opinion

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Well there is a lot to unpack here given the replies ive seen.
First off the best time to fix the dino is when its new. Not 6 months later to keep it relevant. If Ludia wants to introduce a new Dino its because they want to expand upon people using the same 10 dinos over and over and over and over.

Ive been fighting in PvP with my level 26 max boosted Giganyx. So far the Devour Heal doesnt help that much when the Dino is used as an opener. At the level of game play I’m at often a dino lasts about 2 turns. Especially against a Thora level 30 max boosted or a maxed out Apex… so you Do need the swap in heal to actually heal you 100%.

When that swap in ability also heals your opponents 100% it makes it almost impossible for Giganyx to win.

Please remember that Giganyx is the Tryo unique… so far its not really doing much more than the Tryo in combat. I do know because i have a level 30 max boosted Tryo.

I’m ok with the opponent getting some benefits but 100% heal is excessive

So what I’m getting is giganyx needs a buff because it’s getting rolled by and doing worse than creatures 4 levels higher and with 4 more boosts? Please buff my imperato while you’re at it

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There are lots of things people could complain about with giganyx - why buff it mid-update? Why give it distraction resistance when it has such insane damage output? Why is the base speed faster than some cunnings?

But to take issue with the swap-in is just odd. It’s a top 5 dino!

I quite like the concept of high-risk, high-reward of CAS. Don’t use the swap if you aren’t confident it will benefit you. But if an ankylos lux appears, you can be sure your 1hp-remaining giga can come back in and win with barely a scratch.

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Im glad that you mentioned that. Thank you. No what I’m saying is that its not holding its own with creatures up to the ones previously mentioned. It loses frequently to those same dinos (Thor, Morty, Maxi, Skoona) which are at the same level with the same or fewer boosts.
Also when you swap in against them (especially the long necks) the 100% health increase takes them back to 8000 + health levels.

Additionally, when the Giganyx is at level 30 and max boosted (with a speed similar to my Tryo, 145) it has a health rating of roughly 6300. This isnt enough against most similar dinos. A level 30 Thor will take 5500 with the medium initial attack. Whereas the Giganyx will do about 3800 damage on initial attack.

Which means you are automatically swaping him out or using the 145 speed to get the Refresh (assuming your opponent doesn’t have instant attacks)…

Therefore the Giganyx is a 1 attack dino before needing a swap.

Then when you swap in… You’re thrust back into the same situation or worse, given that your enemy heals 100%.

I get the feeling the members amswering here arent ones who use Giganyx… and dont want their same old 10 dinos threatened

A level 21 giganyx swapped on one of my creatures, stunned it, used its healing ability to become faster and get ferocity it and killed it.
Indeed it seems like it can’t get a kill after swapping in.

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It can heal with the rampage and with 5100 hp it can tank a few hits.

its a niche use really tanked up with a teeny bit of speed it can be a nightmare but it can also be shut down by dilo or rupaul or other cunnings then swapped in on with a rat my experience is a little hit and miss

Here is your problem. Giganyx dont need any speed boosts. Constantly fighting 8k+ health ones and without a flock is basically impossible to take it down. Even Ref needs right guessing to take it down.

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