Gigaspikasaur vs nodopatasaurus


Is gigaspikasaur a mistake on the devs part?

seriously, its like a literal reskin of its component nodopatasaurus with 1 exception which is “IT SUCKS BUTT” compared to its component.

seriously, same attack, same 4 moves. yet it trades away 20% of its hp for 15% armor. uh… what? this means in any and every single scenario in the game, gigaspikasaur has less effective hp than nodopatasaur. thats all there is to it, no new or different moves, no better damage. it does gain 3 whole speed making it one of the slowest dinos in the game still so its got that going for it lol. you pay heaps of dna and coins in order to grant your mighty nodopatasaurus the awesome bonus of reduced hit points and reduced survivability… and a new skin i guess?



I was looking at my dinos and got really troubled by that same observation.

Gigaspikasaur looks super nice… and thats it. It’s worse than its “ingredient”, quite literally, as plainly explained by the OP. It is also pretty much a Stegodeus… with like 30% less damage.

Such a dino deserve some more uniquness to it - it is a legendary grade. Even upgarding the Armor piercing Impact to Armor Piercing Rampage wouldn’t really be enough. It needs to be tweaked.


I prefer the Gigaspikasaur because it seems to take less damage when attacked. Both deal very little damage but my Nodopatosaurus always got whooped and the Giga seems to hang in a little longer, probably because of the armor.


But armor in this game is damage reduction - 15% more dmg reduction vs 20% less hp. FWIW, armor can be penetrated by some skills, so it’s less “stable” than health on top of being lower value in the first place.


At the same level, Giga should beat Nodo for its higher speed. But against other dinos, Nodo appears stronger thanks to it’s higher HP and damage. The 15% more armor can’t compensate the 20% HP difference. Plus there are many dinos with armor bypassing skill.


except even though its faster, giga loses to nodo because they both have armor piercing attacks vs each other that nodo shrugs off, but giga relies on armor due to low hp it still dies first since it takes a while for either to kill the other, so the armor piercing wins out for nodo over gigas low hp.


Hp is always better than armor because armor basically gives you extra hp -aka less damage- but relies on opponent not using armor piercing attacks. So nodopatosaurus is just plain better. The only scenario in which gigaspikasaur could be better is if you can be faster with giga and slower with nodopatosaurus, because speed is everything in this game after all, but 3 speed points is not really enough to make up for the hp loss and certainly not enough to justify spending nodopatosaurus DNA on the hybrid.


Tempted to create gigaspikasaur… But prefer my stegodious!


Stegodeus is better than Gigaspikasaur, in my opinion.
You might notice they got totally the same move set.
(strike shield slowdown bypass-attack)

Stegodeus got better hp & atk, Gigaspika is slightly faster & got tough shield.
But bypass-attack is very common, that make higher hp become favorable.
Better atk let Stegodeus more efficient in knock down opponent.
Also, that slight spd gap (109 vs 107) seems almost equal in fighting other type dinos.

The last reason is…difficulty of collecting ingredient.
Stegosaurus is far more common than Amargasaurus, and both dinos are material of several hybrids.
But Stego will always be enough, Amarga could only sufficient for Gigaspika or Tragodistis.


I’ve fought two Stegodeuses and one Gigaspikasaur.

Both times the Stegodeus rocked my team, the first obliterated me outright, and the second outlasted 2 of mine before I took it down.

The Gigaspikasaur was not an obstacle.


giga has longer cooldowns than stegodeus as well. giga simply needs a good sized buff. at the very least it should have not lost any hit points and still gained the armor. or if it at least gained better attack to go with its lower hit points that would make it at least different rather than just a downgrade with a new skin from its component. maybe they could give giga vulnerability strike as basic move or something or make its API into an APR or into a shield breaking impact as well.