Gigaspikasaur vs Nodopatotitan


So… I’ve a question for You.
Which one is better in your opinion?
I’ve Amargasaurus and Nodopatosaurus both at level 15. Albo I have Giraffatitan at level 14 so I’m close to make it’s hybrid. Since the new update I abstained from using Nodopatosaurus’s DNA cause I knew it’ll get a fusion. And there is it, Nodopatotitan.
So the question is, who’s better, Gigaspikasaur or Nodopatotitan. I already have Stegodeus, so now I want to make another Nodopatosaurus’s hybrid.
Anoyne who has one of these dinosaurs can comment on them. I’d like to see your opinion about how they work on the Area.


You can create both for sake of collection. To level up past lv20 and use in arena, neither.
Stick with Stegodeus and ankyntro, at least for next month or so.


I’m not sure where Syg is in the arena’s, but I’d say go for a Gigaspikasaur, imo. On paper I know it doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade, but it really is. Also, a lot of people seem way overconfident using a Stegodeus when up against a Giga…to the point where I’ve regularly seen Stegodeus lose the match between them, or at least be low enough on health for the next dino out to one shot it easily. It really is underrated for the mid-level arenas. Though in fairness I haven’t gotten Nodopatotitan…but with its loss of speed, lower counter attack value, and extreme defensive kit (with the boost to dots esp), I’m not pushing hard to get it either. Though I will one day for completion purposes.