Should I use some of my nodopatosaurus DNA on this (do not have it yet) or use the nodopat DNA to get stegodeus up to a decent level first? (Stegd only low level 17 as struggled for nodopat DNA until bonus of this weeks nodosarus green drop)


Level up the stegod and use the amargo DNa for trago… trago is a pain in the *ss to go go up against and it will probably better off for your situation. I’ve got a giga and it’s a great tank to soak up hits and lock down but it’s definitively a tactical dino that should supplement an already strong team :sauropod:


Agreed. Get it only if you want to get every dino. Its usefulness is quite limited compared to stegod and trago


That’s true since those two are the top meta dinos. Gigaspik will get a buff really soon hopefully


Thanks for the replies, I’ll ignore giga evolve for a while (work on it at some point just to get the dino) & focus amarga DNA on tragod


My L18 Giga just took out a L20 Stegoceratops and nearly took down a L18 Tragodistis afterwards; it can be a beast used well.


giga is usefull even with stego, monostego and trago i still need him.


Giga is essentially Nodopato with 15% more armor and slightly more speed and damage. Armor often is pointless since Steggod and Nodopato (among others) both can pierce armor. Save your Nodopato DNA for Steggod and your Amargie DNA for Tragod; they’re pretty much the Swiss Army Knives of Superhybrids.


Giga is underappreciated. He has great HP, armor, a shield and counter. Dmg is lacking but he can be awesome if used intelligently. I use him as a swap in and just today I win a game 3-0 by throwing him in before the killing blow on my 1st dino and he took out 2 of my opponent dinos


I’m a collector first, combatant second… so I’ll always advocate gettin the creature in your collection before powering another up that’s linked to it.