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Gillicus Tournament 4/19-4/22

This thread will be used to track and talk about the tournament this weekend to unlock the Gillicus aquatic cave creature. It will be using Cenozoic creatures but at the time of this posting I am unsure if there will be rules applied to this tournament. Good luck to everyone, and as always I will be tracking the progress of the Dominator league and updating information in this thread.

No rules to start:

I’m looking forward towards this tournament. I am not sure but it could be the first Cenezoic tournament ever.

It’s at least the third.

Gastornis and Woolly Mammoth were both Cenozoic tournaments


Holy cow, I actually made it up into Dominator League for the first time! There’s no way I’ll stay there with the low levels that I have in Cen but going to enjoy the moment while it lasts.


Congrats! You never know, you may even win the Gillicus

No super rare rule, no party. Gastornis, titanoboas and megatheriums in dominator league. Bye bye gillicus…

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Shame on me.

Oh, I do know, I won’t be there for long. I barely won the Predator match, was very outgunned but played a very strategic game and pulled it out. Would have been nice to score big on the prize wheel, but at least I got 100 DNA out of it, so no complaints. I am tempted to throw away my bucks just to see what nonsense it would throw at me in Dominator league but I know it would be laughable with what I have to put up right now. It just seems that the better Cenos, even super rares, don’t show up in the game nearly as often as the other dino types, so 90% of what I have is rares and even those I haven’t leveled up past 20. So really not expecting to do much in this one.

This has been the easiest tournament start ever for me:

Now watch me end up in Prey league :joy:

Good luck all.

@Mary_Jo, just keep at it. Each win pushes you farther. Sometimes it is worth floating at a lower league where wins are easier with a push towards the end of the tournament.

Early results.

Here are my first and final results for today. Opponents in dominator league are quite strong, I had to insert most if my VIPs. Since they do have a long cool down time I will not be able to do more than one round per day.
I estimate that I’m gonna finish this tournament with not more than 1000 points. We will see if this is enough to succeed in dominator.


Im top of the Dominator currently and my top creatures are only 5 hours CD so I would be in with a chance if I wasn’t going away with no wifi for the weekend tomorrow. It’s a sad state of affairs when you dont want a weekend away because you want Gillicus more.

Best not tell my husband so this is my confessional.


Lol this is great.

Lower levels of Dominator around rank 80 I put forward a team with an average ferocity of 2,200 but faced a team that had a 109% advantage with a ferocity average of 4,600. I managed to win, barely and was awarded 40 trophies.

At rank 24 I put a team forward with a ferocity average of 2,500 thinking all of Dominator would be viewed the same and if 2,200 let me win 2,500 should be a slightly safer bet. However I was met with an opponent with an average of 7,000 or a 176% advantage, needless to say I lost.

I put a team average ferocity of 4,100 and got an opponent with 4,100 a dead even match, won and got 31 trophies.

I will be playing around with the level of ferocity to see if I can find a sweet spot for maximum amount of trophies for the risk.


I’m being overwhelmed in upper dominator, my best Cenos being lvl 10 tourneys.I may have better luck if i drop to around 80ish.I’ll wait and see. I honestly prefer the Predator prize tough. Who cares about fish anyway?
Actually a lot of people. But not me.


Don’t think going to get it currently getting wrecked by level 30 loyalty creatures but I guess we’ll see Monday how it goes :joy:

I couldn’t resist trying a battle in Dominator while I’m still in there, got totally demolished of course (hey, I almost took out one of the bots before he got all 3 of mine, but as I’ve noticed before, the AI is a lot more intelligent in the tournament than in PvP where he loves to use all his points whether he needs to or not, and every one of mine he could take out in one hit). I will have to wait until it knocks me down at least a level or two before playing again, but have some animals to level hatch out and level up with in the meantime anyway, hoping this will play out like the aquatic tournament where just regularly playing and getting some wins was enough for even a newer player like myself to land in Predator. Like Kiarash, the prize at that level is the best for me at my current level anyway.

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Im getting a bit spanked now too


Dominator is moving very slow on day one.

I am tracking the second spot since in my bracket I am setting the pace in rank 1, but in the last six hours rank 2 has only increased 31 points for a total of 156 8 hours into the tournament.

Rank 100 in Dominator right now is only 69 points in my bracket. Rank 100 has only moved 13 points in the last 6 hours.


Yeah, I’ve stayed in Dominator all day, although I have dropped from around 52nd when I posted this morning, now down near the bottom in spot 92, but still shocked I’m still in there at all, off of what I think was a total of 3 wins for 72 points (the last one being my improbable win out of Predator).

What are the brackets? Are they just random selections of players? Those numbers are the same as what I am seeing for top and bottom.