On my third attempt for blue I was 40 dna short…my first shot was a direct hit when i went to fire my second the game giltched and it wouldn’t let me fire…Plez Ludia respond I waited all week to try to get Blue and I probably would have got her if it didn’t giltch can i plez get another try I really want blue


Same thing just happened to me. Do Ludia even respond to these ?


They better cause it just ruined the chance of us getting Blue


Well… I sent a report on Monday, and even refreshed 2 times by forward new opinion to the support address.

Actually I’ve never got their answer. Just 2 reply from autoresponder.
This really let me disappointed.


Where do you send reports? I can’t find it.


Man i actually thought this game was going to be good


This is odd. I experienced the glitch with Indoraptor, but not with Blue, and I took like 20 tries at Blue (in order to get enough DNA, I force closed my game when I wasn’t happy with the result and then try again, so yeah, I tried around 20 times until I was satisfied). And not once did I get a glitch. Sorry it happened to you :frowning:


Yea…at least u got blue :confused:


This game won’t last long with business practices like this.


After the movie is a month old the game will be done if they don’t improve on their responses and make the prices reasonable