Giraffatitan (File 22 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

That’s what this creature is!
Together with the Brachiosaurus and the Sonorasaurus this dinosaur commands everything!
This is the first creature I created!
Welcome the Giraffatitan!


LP cost: 10000
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 1944
Damage: 203
Ferocity: 2594

Level 20

Health: 3330
Damage: 347

Level 30

Health: 5079
Damage: 529
Ferocity: 6769

Level 40

Health: 7182
Damage: 748
Ferocity: 9576


One more VIP creature!
This flesh shield has stats like Apatosaurus, which is handy!
Write in the comments if you’d like to be able to use it in tournaments!

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Which Cenozoic do you want me to come out?
  • First Super Hybrid Cenozoic
  • Cenozoic + Cenozoic
  • Terrestial + Cenozoic

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nice idea you got there

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Teaser super hybrid cenozoic!


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i was thinking of that

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