Giraffatitan viable in Arena 8?


I’m always darting this as it’s local, but recently looked at its stats and was intrigued with the bellow and superiority strike if at level 17-18 would it be viable in arena 7/8?? Has anyone leveled it up and tried? I know Brachi is really hard to get, but it has similar build and much more common.


I just got mine to level 15 and tried him in the Sorna Marshes. He’s not awful, but not great. I took him back out and will keep leveling–he’s fun to watch!


@Ulfhednar and I tried it out in a few friendly battles where all the dinosaurs are the same level and it didn’t last as well as we had hoped.


I am confirming this


how about a Stygi Gen2 fusion with Giraffi???
Could have a stun effect added on and also have a huge dino with a hammer for a head! haha


That would be a cool animation! Move called head butt!

The heck with it! Let’s just arm our dinosaurs with weapons and call it Jurassic World Alive meets the Terminator

Only problem is trex with his little arms would have trouble holding a gun! :joy::joy::joy::flushed::flushed::flushed:


I guess that would look like a Plateosaurus with that pachy-like head.


I love the giraffatitan, mines at level 17 halfway to 18, I love the animation especially the little kick as the superiority strike :joy: it’s sooooo cute!
I have taken it into arena 8 a few times just to see it play but never actually killed anything, when I do put it on my team it’s always out first to do as much damage as possible before swapping out :kissing_heart: it’s cute :joy: I guess at a very high level it’ll be viable in arena 8, it’s local to me also, so going to keep darting it and levelling it up!


I love the little kick! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I also love darting her because she runs so beautifully.


Solid description! It mirrors the experiences I made in friendly battles. Mine is lvl 14 btw.


The animations on the new dinos are amazing, monomimus kicks you in the face :joy:


yes, it’s the Chuck Norris of this game XD