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Here is a concept for a new brachiosaurus based apex.
Here are its stats

Here is my drawing

And my friends


This is really nice but but I think that the earth shattering rampage should do something like stun or vulnerability


Its a great idea but you could just take it out with a 2 marsupial lions cuz it has no resistance to rend. Just go prowl then rendering takedown.

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The point of apex dinos is that they are archetypal, which means they represent the abilities of their group. This is a fun and broken idea, but it should definitely lose the defence shattering rampage, definitely too high attack stat (maybe 1200-1400), at most a half counter.

The key in making this is to resemble the long necks enough without just making another ardentis/gem/skoola.

Maybe give it a 0.5 decel counter, replace the earth shattering rampage with a taunting rampage and replace acute stun with group decelerating impact, and shielding strike with group taunting shields strike. I would probably cut its health to 6200 (just a tad more than apato) and armor to 10 percent and then speed to 105-110. And for the resistances, remove bleed resist, increase stun resist to 100, and speed resist to 100 and reduce swap prevention to 50

That’s how I would make my version of ur girafortem, the name sounds cool and the drawings are cute haha👌

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Anyone have the calendar for next week by any chance?

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Yay pteranodon! ( I need all the commons except diplocalus )