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Give a way to manage swappers

Swappers are a problem for a lot players in high arena as in low arena.
The main problem is the large amount of swap in creatures and a lot of them can deal a lot of damage, especially if full boostet.

Take this examples:

  1. Monolorhino (Lv.30)
    • 6837 HP (10 boost)
    • 2203 ATK (18 boost)
    • 120 SPD (2 boost)
  2. Dracoceratops (Lv.30)
    • 6381 HP (10 boost)
    • 2506 ATK (15 boost)
    • 125 SPD (5 boost)
  3. Ceramagnus (Lv.30)
    • 6837 HP (10 boost)
    • 2734 ATK (20 boost)
    • 114 SPD (0 boost)

Rhino has a lot of chances to survire the 2 turns swap prevention. It has a cunning move, shield move, armor and 100% swap prevention resistance;

Ceramagnus I don’t think that it needs some kind of explenation. It is a monster for its high damage, speed increase and 2x precise rampage. But it is more managable, for example with a Grypolith or Tenontorex that can beat it in the 2 turn of swap prevention.

Dracocera also is a big problem. Even if its swap in move can be resisted by armor or rending resistance, it has a cleasing move that allow player to deal a lot of damage (2506 * 1.5 = 3759) and swap with, maybe, a Rhino or a Magnus.

Team strategy is killed by this kind of playing.
So, a solution that is not destroy all swap creatures (players have spent a lot of time to level and boost them) could be adding a way to resist ALL of them.
But how? Easy, a new passive ability that can be called “Instant reflex” and give a chance to vanish (all damage and effects like stun) the swap in move.
In this way a team with a lot of swap in creatures is not a good idea and many players could maybe rework it or use swappers in a different way (I think dracocera could be a good fierce creature) and make the game more dynamic and not always going killed by swappers.