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Give alankylosaurus a hybrid already

cmon ludia wat u doin give it a hybrid already :no_mouth:


I also need one too.


What about procerathomimus


Remember when we were all so sure that we were getting one because of all the free Alanqa DNA? Good times.

…For real though, we need another unique hybrid that comes with swap in invincibility for all of those pesky resilients (preferably one that doesn’t rely on the easily-cleansed bleed) :confused:


Alanky and Dimo definitely deserve hybrids. After all, they’re the two oldest hybrids ingame that haven’t gotten a super-hybrid yet.

Would also like to see hybrids for Scutosaurus and Troodon, which are the oldest non-hybrids that don’t have a hybrid. Which reminds me, I’m actually working on drawing a fanmade Suchotator + Troodon hybrid concept right now. May share it later if it turns out alright.


Trokylodon: Troodon and Bumpy
Would be Troodon base with armour and a vlub tail.

after dimo and alankylo, what about gamma or yoshi/procerathomimus


It has been around so long and it definitely needs a hybrid. I had an idea, but it kinda seemed overpowered. Procerathomimus + Velosrhacos

pretty sure you can’t hybridize a hybrid with a hybrid, but at this point with the new compy hybrid I’m not sure what ludia will or won’t do

People are forgetting about you :frowning:

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I’ve actually made a Scuto + Alankylo hybrid a couple of months back. And considering what Scuto can do, I just might have to tweak it a little.

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I like Alankylo in itself. There is one little problem with giving it a hybrid.

People have said Ludia made too many resilient creatures. Sadly I can’t disagree. Out of 252 creatures in the game somewhere around (don’t feel like an exact count) 105 are resilient and in the 60’s are fierce.

Some of those fierce really aren’t very fierce. Purussaurus is a pure fierce. It can’t penetrate armor, rend, or bleed.

Nearly every resilient has a speed reducing move if not an actual resilient move.

So, it is sadly unlikely the noble Alankylo will get a hybrd very soon.

Edit: additional note, I didn’t count the uncollected for my account, but that still doesn’t change the numbers very much since many are resilient.

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Would it be called trumpy?

I can see that. A lot of people are suggesting that the actual ‘Resilient’ moves should have something taken away from them… Like the complete erasing of cloak and evasion.

Maybe if that was the case then probably all resilient class dinos would be more balanced.

Super Duper Hybrid?

I found it. Dimodactylus + Compy G2
Procerathomimus + Edaphosaurus
Alankylosaurus + Pyroraptor
Erlikogamma + Bumpy
Inostherium + Dsungaripterus
Dsungaia + Tanycolagreus

Think of names here

Well we also have a ton of super underpowered resilients, like Kentro, Dsungaia, and the Nodo towers. I think it’s just that the infamous resilients like Lux, Magnus, and even Gem are beating their counters, which causes the meta shift

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This claim is almost as old as the aquatics.
They’re both coming now, don’t you worry :rofl:

Dimodactylus + Procerathomimus to get a unique