Give Albertospinos the Baryonyx rig

I just think it would fit way better, or if possible (probably not but hey) give it the spinosaurus rig for and Lethal Swoop ( also pls change it to lethal wound or exploit wound ) and Killer Instinct but make DSW and DSR( pls add some kind of DOT to it pls)the baryonyx rig. Just my suggestion, it is probably impossible to implement but I wish
Summary because I am disorganised

  • Killer Instinct and Lethal Swoop have Spinosaurus rig

  • Defense Shattering Wound and Defense Shattering Rampage have Baryonyx rig

  • Change Lethal Swoop to Lethal Wound or Exploit Wound

  • Give it’s rampage DOT


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It has the Spinosaurus rig. And I think that Cleansing Swoop would be better and still fit with it being the spawn of Spinotasuchus. Plus it mainly needs better stats and resistances rather than just a model change and a couple move changes (though it needs some move changes).


Cleansing swoop for that Availability? Cause I was about to say that Albertospinos can’t be tied down, but then remembered that if it swapped in, it’s trapped.

Stygidaryx does that too, but even better with the counter dealing physical damage if you get hit.

That is true. That’s the best thing to happen to Stygi since her inception.