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Give all dna with one button

We should have a button to give all dna of one specific dino to someone of our choosing


That would make it too easy to use alternate accounts to farm special events. There’s a reason that alliance donations have limits, and we’re only allowed to donate common and rare DNA.

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Agreed but I still think Epic DNA should be available for trade.


Unless you meant when fusing, instead of having to press the button fuse a billion times.

That’s how I interpreted it, although the use of ‘someone’ indicates that I’m probably incorrect…

…so I could have my own alliance, with many multiples of farm accounts which collected alliance mission rewards, special events and incubators, all funneled into one main account.


Brilliant idea.

Yes please.

That was sarcasm.

It was meant for only common and rare dna

Or give enough for one fuse on specific dinos