Give andrewtops no escape

Please give andrewtops no escape. It would be so much better. Its parent has no escape and with the sad amount of geth it had who would actually swap it in to pin something. Especially since most things are immune or have high resistance. And you may be thinking that it shouldn’t have 2 passive. Well testacornibus has 2 passive. It used to have 3 so please change swap in lock down to. No escape. Besides. Its a revenge killer. Not something you’d actually swap in


I’ve never seen anybody complaining about something having multiple passives.

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Yeah, I have no idea why ludia had to make it a cringe swapper instead of making it an on escaper

Maybe also change its model, or they could just fill in the patches with the glyptos armour.
But honestly yeah it should have no escape for me it’s mainly seen as a revenge killer and it having no escape could give another option rather than using grypo.

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Andrewtops needs no escape. All other dogs in the game have no escape and they should also give it a better swap in move. make swap in lockdown attack so it will actually have a purpose