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Give AP some slack?


I am willing to give AP some slack… After all, they admitted to exploiting a bug during a tournament, which they would not have done, had they wanted to score an easy win…

In addition, many of the alliance members are great people, who offer tips, advice and insights into the game!

Having said that, I don’t like their attitude of we’re top players, so we own the game… I also don’t like their putting down players that are on-and-off the leader board, just because they’re not consistently in the top 50…

What happened was very disappointing and, as I mentioned in a previous post, henceforth I will be taking everything coming from AP with a grain of salt…

I think that this allience’s greatest loss, is the loss of credibility… And it will be some time before they manage to regain their previous status!

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Ludia must investigate. Punish each player according to policy no more no less.

There is no “don’t you know who I am” exception. Everyone past present and future treated the same or what happens next time.


They only admitted to it after they got called out and railed for it. They’re the same people who threw a fit when the top alliance for march rush was caught dropping trophies to score points which has always been in the game. If their whole team didnt use the exploit then i agree they shouldn’t all be punished but the ones who did should be. They shouldnt receive any sort of rewards for doing what they knew was wrong.


Could someone post a link to they admitting it? I want to make sure it is not a hear say, before I start bashing them :smiley: