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Give back glory to Quetzorion

I want to talk about the Quetzorion.

A few patches ago you nerf his attack and the excuse was that it kills Erlidom easy. I mean, DUH, is a counter Erlidom, what would you expect?
Instead of removing 150 attack, wich is 450 in 2 turns, why would’nt you just buff Erlidom health a little? Now you ruin a little that dino for every fight, just because it did good the purpose it was create to.
How many times an enemy dino is with below 300 hp, and we think, if the nerf wouldn’t have existed I would have killed it.

The same goes to Phorusaura. You remove 100 attack, that’s 200 in 1st turn, and another 200 in the second turn, 400 total! It’s a lot!

Could you give Quetzorion inmune to desacceleration, at least that way it would be a little better against other things.


Well yes the Orion nerf was unesscary it still beats erlidom just have to be smarter about it and more careful. As for Phorusaura it was too strong(still slightly is but at least it can’t one shot too many things anymore) plus Orion could still beat erlidom the same way as before if you know erlidom didn’t get that big buff in 1.9 or I think it was 1.10 anyway sure it’s sad for Orion but Orion is still good its not garbage


You can’t beat it anymore if you don’t get a crit. Depending of how you play with x2 attack you damage 3040. And Erlidom’s health it is 3300.

Sure but you again if you play smart for example; you go II first. They go MSS; so next turn they go first either going Rampage, speed up, or cloak. You go NR bring it down then just APS then dead erlidom since there is nothing it can do.

But again it mostly depends what erlidom does turn one. If it goes rampage first then goes MSS on two; go NR then SS to make sure your faster; from there is really catch up cause if erlidom went Rampage or cloak when you go SS then you gonna win just finish it off with a rampage. But if Erlidom goes MSS then you gonna have to go Side step again

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It’s basically just mind games; also no Orion already has immune to distraction immune to slow would be way too much like even though you can slow it you can usually only do for one turn do to sidestep.

Also again yes, but that’s using the old tactics of LI and NR and just that; you can you just have to use different methods

The problem with Orion is that he’s made to counter speedsters but they’re too strong for him so he can’t do that right.
Erlidom’s bulk allows him to survive NR, while it should oneshot it like it used to do.

Indo G2 laughs at Orion, hitting through his dodge and making himself faster

Even epic Procerat just nullifies his SS, becoming faster again, what allows him to kill Quetz with DR


Please don’t call for extra health to Erlidom. I have one and it’s thick enough to survive a lot of damage lol.


Imo it should be even reduced back to pre-1.9 3000. Glass cannon should be glass cannon, while now he’s too bulky. Imo Erlidom should be oneshottable by Spyx and Orion again


My spyx one shots plenty of Erlidoms, but that’s due to how people distribute their boosts.

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Honestly the thing is Orion shouldn’t be that good ya it’s a unique but it’s ingredients to say the least the ummmm…garbage.

I mean you have Quetzalcoatls a okay rare but mostly just a swap in shield them run away birds not mean to put up a fight

Then you have pteranodon; a very meh epic that tries to be a counter attack with that bulk but it’s nullification and armor piercing abilities make up for something

Then we have tanycolagreus: a very good common who is very fast and can go up and win against indo…but gets shut down by one hit from any slowing, distracting or stunning move.

So it’s ingredients are: common, rare, epic

Compare that to erlidom who is common, epic ,epic.

Does that mean erlidom shouldn’t be countered by it. No, but it what it does mean it’s Shouldn’t be the best in every situation

Ik right guess it was an oopies same when they didn’t nerf indo gen2

Just after I wrote about my Spyx one-shotting Erlidoms … it happened again.


Man I miss you spxs; but it’s just so bad in the meta plus it loses to basically almost all its sisters

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Boosts don’t matter in terms of balancing. Should we nerf Thor’s speed because there are 140 overboosted Thors in arena?

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Dilorach probably wouldn’t do well against it. Bleed then rampage, or speed up then rampage, Dilorach is dead.

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Nope you go to remember one lol dilorach can Also distract, 2 There the same speed, and three, dilorach can run and it can stun.

Is this a trick question :joy:

Most balancing seems to happen because of the main arena rather than tournaments. And we get to live with the main, boosted arena more often than tournaments. So wouldn’t surprise me if they did something to Thor, but not to speed. Or maybe to speed boosts as a whole to take into account the 149 Thors (yeah I see them often).

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The thing I hate about Erlidominus is how MSS can last for 3 turns instead of the 2 turns that every other move in this game has. I can’t think of any other move that lasts for 3 turns.

I do think Quetzorion should be given that attack back, considering that it’s not fully immune and therefore can be taken down with relative ease.

It depends how you start and how they start. You can start with distract, and dilo can cleanse it, but will it go for distract instead too? What if you go for bleed first turn? Or speed up? Then they won’t be same speed anymore. What I like about boosts is that I can customize my critters for specific situations, so more often I find people who give me an advantage simply by how they boost.

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