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Give battle incubator after a certain amount of losses or one win

I just wanted to suggest a thought that would help casual players like myself and my friends.

Most of my friends quit playing this game because it is heavily PvP focused. They got tired of loss after loss after loss and not getting a battle incubator since you only get one after winning. I think that the regular battle incubators should be given after 1 win, or around 3 losses. Perhaps have a higher percentage of getting a 12 or 24 hour incubator if you win.


Totally agree, should probably make that either 3 losses in a row or 5 losses… I would still get tons of incubators from losses because rng hates me

One of my biggest frustrations with the game now is hitting a hard losing streak… just loss after loss after loss… it is just rough, and that is the time when I have considered uninstalling and quiting. All I want is to win just a couple so I can get my battle incubators. I don’t even care about my trophy count…

Anyway, would be nice if there was a loss tracking system, if you lose 3 in a row, you still get a battle incubator. And this counter resets if you win one. Honestly I would prefer 2 losses in a row you get one… but I feel like that is wishful thinking. Lots of other games have something like that, would be nice if that was here too.

But ha… as I type this I realized probably can’t happen because then people will get rewarded for trolling down to lower levels… oh well.

But I feel like the only reason I would want to do move down in trophies, is so I could get my battle incubators easier… and with a system like this, seems like it would somewhat kill the motivation to do that.

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