Give Boosts Back for Changed Creatures

Refund boosts on any creature that gets changed in a patch. I am in full support of tweaking creatures and changing the meta. It is one of the best ways to reduce the power of OP creatures and buff those creatures which aren’t working as well. However, a major issue with the meta changing monthly is that no normal player can keep up with these changes using their boosts. This results in many players feeling frustration that things were improperly boosted despite having no way to know in advance what would be changed. A possible solution would be to do as mentioned above, which would be that any creature who’s stats/abilities are changed in an update automatically refunds all boosts, such that a player doesn’t feel like they got tricked into spending boosts on a creature with only one month of relevancy. This would still prevent people from abusing boost shuffles to stack tournaments, and would also not make people flush with boosts such that they crush the meta. It would at most allow for a 1:1 trade of a nerfed creature for a benched one.

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