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Give Diloracheirus 131 speed

Diloracheirus has 129 speed deinocheihrus 131 and Diloranosaurus has 126
But Proceratomimus has 131 speed Ornithominus 131 and proceratosaurus has 125

And apatosaurus is 101


Ingredient stats are only guidelines, not rules.
On the other hand, I’ve heard Dilorach has become less relevant recently, so perhaps this is exactly what it needs…?


I agree, but not 131. I’d be happy with 130… I’m in favor of the component still being better at SOMETHING at least… Procemimus is totally broken


Don’t, just don’t
If anything make Ludia change the Moveset or improve one of its attacks

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Or they could just cherry pick an immunity to compensate for its weaknesses like they did with other dinos that didn’t deserve it.

Or give it immunity to everything, an instant distraction, a distracting rampage, an evasive stance and a nullifying strike? Maybe even give it a swap in nullification too. Or would that be way too much for a unique Dino?
Of course it would, so why not give the full house to a simple to make and fuse epic instead!!!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Ludia logic…

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Or maxx speed boost that bad boy right up!

Oh yeah I forgot Yoshi also has the second highest speed in the game too! Silly me :rofl:

When a hybrid is made, you don’t just automatically take the best characteristics of the components. Sometimes the hybrid loses a disability of one ingredient making the hybrid stronger than either for a particular component.

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