Give Dioraja long protection?


I absolutely love the Diorajasaur’s design and think it is one of the coolest dinos in the game, along with Magna, but I have struggled to find it a place on my team. It always seems incredibly situational and the only thing it seems to be good at is a surprise swap in counter attack to finish off a low health dino. I’m not sure if inheriting long protection from it’s ancestor would be a game changer, but it might give it more of a place as a tank, since it has a very low health pool that was made even lower after the latest update. If Ludia’s logic is that the rarer the ingredients to make the hybrid, the stronger it should be is true, then I feel good 'ol Dioraja has received a poor deal. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


I totally agree. A unique creature with only short defense? Even a bunch of commons have that skill.

Moreover, its stats should be buffed a lot. Being a unique tank and having only 3.9k health is absolutely abysmal, and not to mention it has only one impact move. Its health should be at least 4.5k in order to survive some hard hitters like Utarinex.

Yes it has counter attacks, but nowadays in top arenas, you can be beaten to death without even performing a single counter attack. (Ex. stunning moves and moves that doesn’t do damage but self buffing moves like RTC)


Very good points, I honestly prefer Rajakylo’s moveset to Diorajas, the extended crit just feels a lot more satisfying than Dioraja’s distracting which gets cleansed 90% of the time anyway.

I agree he definitely needs more health as well. Dioraja is stupidly outclassed by Tryko in every way so there is absolutely no reason at the moment to dedicate any of that precious anky DNA to anything else. Dioraja seems like he should be a tank that does continual damage over time with his counter attacks but with Trykos 30% armour as well as his ID and IC, I’d argue that he is a better tank at the moment.


Distracting has its uses though, it can deal creatures with null.

Dioraja is the second creature in this game in terms of component rarity, so it should be making into top 10 dinos. The swap in ferocity has niche uses such as killing a dino at low health, but on a swap in, it will take a hit, which is really bad to its already poor health.

I’d prefer swap in invincibility and long invincibility like alankylo. After all it’s a tank. With buffed health and moveset, it still gets killed by dinos that should kill it, but performing its job better, which is to tank hits!


I would point out how Tryko is much harder to make and that Ludia has publicly stated that they are aware of the value of the ingredients and that all hybrids are not “created equal”.

Notice I said that I “would have” pointed this out.

Because shortly after this statement was made, they released Tyrannolopho and Tenontorex. Guess I cant say a damn thing now, eh?


We are only discussing dioraja here. Yes, tryko is made up of 3 epic components, so I have no questions for it to be the best, but dioraja is 2 epics + 1 rare, is it the second best dino?

Absolutely not. Not even into top 10 or top 20, you have to agree it’s too harsh for dioraja.


Not to mention that it’s a unique that gets outclassed by half of the legendary and even some epic dinos. Hopefully next patch they will address this and bring Dioraja and the other weaker uniques into line. (Tuoromoloch & Magna)


I doubt that they will just give Dio long protection without exchanging it for one of the existing abilities it already has.

Which ability would you trade for long protection, and are you sure you would rather have long protection then extended crit strike from Rajakylo? I think I would rather see the extended crit strike myself.

Edit - Now that I think about it, I know I would rather see extended crit.


just replace short defense with long protection, or long invincibility is even greater.

Extended crit strike or distracting impact are both okay, one is offensive and the other more defensive. I personally prefer distracting over extend crit, but either is okay for me. I doubt this because distracting is the only ability adapted from tuojiangosaurus, so it’s less likely to get replaced.


The problem with either long pro or long invince is that Draco G2 is a mandatory (and for good reason) top tier team member now. So she will be shutting down Dio left and right.

I guess you could make the same argument for extended crit as well, as so many dinos have nulify these days. :thinking:


Putting movesets aside, its stats is a also big problem. If you compare trago and dio:

3990 HP
1000 ATK
124 SPD

3900 HP
900 ATK
108 SPD

Comparing a easy to get legendary and a hard to get unique, and they are both tanks, so they serve similar functions, but the legendary outclassed the unique in all ways. Movesets is even more heartbreaking:

Trago’s SS vs Dio’s pinning strike, this one is clear
Trago’s rampage vs Dio’s distracting impact, this one is hard to say, maybe distracting is a little bit better
Trago’s long invincibility vs Dio’s short defense, this one is clear
Trago’s GSS vs Dio’s Instant invincibility, I think GSS is better than Instant invincibility


This is a good breakdown but woefully deceptive when you leave out Diorja has full counter doing effectively 1800 for it’s attack stat in raw turn damage.That’s not even mentioning the swap in ferocity that can add 1.5 to all that.


It certainly needs more health.

right now it has:
3900 HP
900 ATK
108 SPD

what I think it should have:
4200 HP
1000 ATK
110 SPD


Yes, Dioraja is an underwhelming unique, which is disappointing. Rajakylo seems to even be stronger. I like that they added defense shattering counter but it can definitely use long protection. I really like the design and was excited when I finally got it but it is hard to find a place for it with its current kit.


I forgot to add it in there but I meant swap short protection for long protection.


And as for Draco g2, it counters literally everything so if they pull that on your Dioraja you’re kinda just S.O.L. anyway.


Agreed. Draco G2 utterly destroys the shield ability itself, and any poor dino that has it. RIP Alanqa


I agree dior needs long protection and far more health maybe 4400 and 1000 attack and speed 110 and increase crit to 20%

That way its worth the dna because lets face it raj is as rare and kentro and trex is more common than anky so there needs to be balance here :smiley:
Diorj is a good dino but he misses the unique status


Counter attack cannot be treated as base damage. In many situations, counter attacks are not effective and can be avoided.

  1. If my opponent can kill me in 2 hits, I only get one counter damage since after the second hit I’m killed

  2. Many skills will not even trigger counter attack, like RTC, ID, swoop, cloak, evasive stance.

  3. You can get stun locked before you can perform the counter, especially many stunners are buffed.

Counter attack helps, but 900 base damage + full counter cannot be treated as 1800 damage. Consider that there are so many tank destroyers in this meta, giving dioraja some shielding moves and hp buff is completely fine. The damage can be left as it is since it’s a tank.


Draco Gen 2 destroys everything. Shields, armor, and whatever’s left of Ludia’s credibility.