Give Dioraja long protection?


Counter attacks are not effective?
Have you ever came across Tryko in the arenas…? :sweat_smile:

You may swap your dino to another dino with counter attacks when the opponents dino’s health is low. That is among the times when counter attacks move are useful…


If tryko doesn’t have DSR, you wouldn’t say that. I’ve come across a number of them and know they are powerful, but its counter attack is combined with its ID and II skills, and its bulky stats as well.

So that’s why I’m suggesting a stats buff or a moveset buff.


Actually I believe the moveset is fine so far, but the stats…
they even nerfed it more than they said they would



The moveset is exactly that, fine. It’s decent but it’s just a little lacklustre compared to most of the other uniques. If they wanted to give it some to actually make it “unique”, they could also upgrade it’s Swap in ferocity to something like an extended swap in ferocity and add a couple turns to its duration.


They cannot be ignored either. That’s silly

I never said it should be treated as the full 1800 just that in a perfect world that’s its turn damage rate. It’s much less accurate to ingnore the ferocious swap in and the full counter than to say they mitigate single attack stat. Even at half damage as you describe for one counter it has comparable damage.

I’m not arguing against a buff either just your base comparison that completely ignores two major components of Diorja.


I agree with you that they cannot be ignored, and I always said that counter attack have uses and helps sometimes.

But the dio is really underwhelming. Having the second highest rarity components throughout the entire game and only being a low apex certainly isn’t enough.

Swap in ferocity has benefits and downsides. Because dio’s health is so low, after it takes a hit and kill the opponent dino, it can be one shotted sometimes. I’ve had that happened to me as the opponent’s utarinex just one shotted me, my dio only took one hit.


I would also like to see a Diorja buff however I think the moveset or health is what needs attention.


I totally agree with this.


Long protection will not help dioraja at all. In fact I hardly get to use it for 2 turns before it dies. So many top dinos have defense shatter. Also I see no point in long invincibility and instant invincibility. What she really needs is more hp. I like her moves, her counter, her swap In Ferocity for a surprise kill, I don’t like that it dies in 2 turns.


well, i know from doing it… a lvl 24 beats a 30 stegodeus. a 23 might even do it. not bad as is :man_shrugging:
also if you swap in against a higher level one (maybe only 1 level higher), it beats it.


It does kill tanks pretty good, but we’ve got so many tank counters now. I’d rather trade better stats or moves with the DS counter though.


only thing i need for my dioraj is more dna!!!


This is what I complained in other discussion threads. Among Unique creatures, Dioraja is probably the weakest one. Other common, Epic creatures can easily kill it. Given current stat (HP, damage, movesets), Dioraja does not deserve to be in Unique class. Maybe she should be in Legendary class.

How come a unique creature made from rarest ingredients is so weak?


i cant count how many times dioraj has won matches for me. hes sneaky deadly. meant to be used strategically. not all uniques are great standalone creatures.


alone… a few of my dinos would be complete bombs but together they are very successful.


if it’s not nullified/shattered… dio has 30% armor, 50% shield and a 50% distraction at the same time. this is after doing like 1100 swap-in shattering counter attack twice (at my level, 24)