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Give Dot back to Erlikospyx and Spinoconstrictor

Bleeding abilities such as “Exploit wound” and “Lethal wound” were quite useful in creatures like Spinoconstrictor and Erlikospyx, but with the arrival of 2.0 changes this is not like that anymore. Now Spinoconstrictor only has its counter to apply Dot and Erli doesn’t even have a Dot ability anymore! What’s your opinion? Should Ludia give those abilities back?


I would like to see Spyx get Lethal Wound back.
Speaking from lack of experience, Exploit Wound doesn’t impress me. How good is that one anyway?


With Exploit wound Spinoconstrictor could kill a foe in 2 turns, because it gets the bleeding for that and for the counter!
Now it only has the counter to apply Dot :roll_eyes:


It seems that the move Exploit Wound no longer exists in game.

Erliko and spinicon with old moveset could be great addictions to all teams that struggle against Maxima…really don’t understand (i mean, I do but…) why they took DoT away from them…


It’s not going to take time to see where Erlikospyx lands when “the meta settles down”. Its total garbage now. Sure if you come up on another speedster to battle its okay, except they all mostly have distraction resistance lol, and going up against the now typical 9000 plus hp Ardontismaxima and 6000 plus hp Trykos…yawn…Spyx got wrecked by Ludia so we couldn’t bleed out their precious raid bosses.


Don’t even have them and agree. Getting the decel immunity back for Spyx I imagine it would be better too.

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