Give Dracoceratosaurus 125 speed!

Proceratosaurus has a speed of 126, but Dracoceratosaurus has just one more point than DC at 117. It doesn’t make sense when Dracoceratosaurus is supposed to be a cunning, and their specialty is speed.

She already loses 300 HP from DC, and that speed means you need to spend far too many speed boosts on her to keep her relevant.

You can spend 1 speed boost on DC and she’s faster than Dracoceratosaurus. Or, you can spend 3(!) health boosts on Dracoceratosaurus to get her to match DC, albeit barely. She needs a buff.


Yeah, agree 100%. Really makes no sense having a unique hybrid who’s less usable than it’s base legendary creature.

I would like to see Dracoceratosaurus get a new Swap-in ability. Give it a form of Savagery that Distracts, Letting it better Swap in on the Fierce Creatures it’s supposed to counter.

Same thing happens with Diplovenator.
Diplocaulus has a base speed on 125, and Diplovenator has a base speed of 110.
I still use it, but a little bit of extra grease on the gears would be amazing.

So yeah, I agree.