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Give Einiosaurus and Triceratops Decelerating Strike


Each family of creatures has its own ‘theme’ which either consists of a particular ability or combination of abilities unique to that family. The Hadrosaurs get Superiority Strike + Greater Stunning, the raptors/dromeosaurs get Pounce, the stegosaurids get Thagomizer, the sauropods get Decelerating Impact/Rampage etc etc.

But, the ceratopsians don’t seem to have a particular signature ability or group of abilities. While all three natural ceratopsians (Einiosaurus, Triceratops and Sinoceratops) do get Greater Stunning Impact, Greater Stunning Impact is present on other creatures (e.g. Edmontosaurus, Iguanodon) and thus on its own isn’t a signature ability/combination of abilities.

However, with Decelerating Strike being provided to Sinoceratops in the 1.6 patch, I think it’s fitting to provide Einiosaurus and Triceratops with Decelerating Strike as their basic ability as well. Not only are they also ceratopsians, but they (like Sinocera) lost Minimal Stunning Strike for a basic Strike a couple updates back in the stun redesign. Oddly enough though, they didn’t gain Decelerating Strike like how Sinocera did last update despite their similar design and being from the same family of creatures.

This isn’t so much of a arena-balancing change but rather a consistency change to create a ‘family identity’ for the ceratopsians, so to speak. Maybe with the exception of Einiasuchus, I doubt that Einio/Tricera’s hybrids/superhybrids really need or want Decelerating Strike, so I don’t think it’s necessary for their hybrids/superhybrids to inherit Decelerating Strike per se.

Now, if only we could redesign Paramoloch and Tuora with domed heads so they can inherit Shielding Strike…


Totally agree! Always thought it weird that Sino got Decel Strike but not Einio or Trice.

But idk about Tuora getting Shielding Strike…it doesn’t look like the type to be able to put up shields. Not to mention it already has the highest HP of all unique dinos (ignoring Armour). Tuora really needs a damage buff, not more bulk esp in this meta which is pretty unfriendly to bulky dinos with low damage.

Para on the other hand…I can see Shielding Strike finally giving it some first turn viability by letting it survive till it gets to use its stunning moves. That T1 Strike is seriously inviting every setup/counter dino to come in on it.

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Just like draco doesnt look like he could do SIDSR.


Basically, change every ceratopsian’s strike for decelerating strike


Yup. The ceratopsians can have the signature combo of Decelerating Strike + Greater Stunning Impact :grin:


Very, very, very true. I don’t understand how Ludia failed to think of giving it Swap in Stunning Impact, which at least is counterable by using Immunes and/or Shields.