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Give it a hybrid already

Dont do it dirty like you did diplotator. That dude deserved better than what it got.


Ankylocodon first!

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Ludia, looking at the both of them: “No”

I know I want to see Ankylocodon mixed with a chomper. That would be awesome.
Majundasuchus needs a hybrid too. I expect its superhybrid would be an epic, because that’s been the pattern with every area’s “plague.”

Suchomimus: Epic superhybrid
Einiasaurus: Epic superhybrid
G2 Diplocaulus: Epic superhybrid

But what should we mix it with? I’m thinking something that hasn’t been released yet. Or if you want to mix it with Kelenken and have an evasive counterattacker, you could do that… I guess
Or G2 Titanoboa? That may not be so bad
Aaand those are the only two critters left without hybrids! :laughing: Ludia’s been working! Maybe eventually, there will be no creatures left without hybrids! Then the superhybrids will crank out even more, maybe…

giphy (4)

How about just the both of them and make an immune slowing counter attacker?


Wouldn’t be a bad idea. A four-way hybrid like that’s never been done, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea
Please, feed my hopes and dreams for Carnostronix to come >:-D

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