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Give maxima its armor back

When you nerfed Ardentismaxima, you nerfed it too hard. Geminititan was better than maxi, and now Skoona is better than maxi. They are as good as maxi was before it lost its armor. Give maxima 10-15% armor WITHOUT changing any of its other stats. It can already be distracted into the ground. Brachi has armor. Maxi needs it back now too.


Maxima is good as it is. It has more HP than Gemini and also the 30% crit often makes the difference.

We already have enough heavily armored tanks in the arena. No need to make creatures without armor piercing moves even worse.


If Maxima gets armor, then Thor should get armor.


Thor never had armor to begin with and wasn’t unnecessarily crushed by ludias nerfing fist.


Still Maxima is better than Thor and a lot of other uniques. So no buff needed


Thor is made of 2 commons and an epic, maxi is made of 2 epics and a rare and one of its components is very rare to come by. So yes, maxi should be better than thor. Maxi should be one of the better uniques again instead of middle of the pack. It should still have its armor.


Brachi with 10% armor added to a hybrid with no armor so it cancels out.

Allosino with 15% armor and you add a non-armored non-hybrid and it cancels out.

You get none or both


This is the rework I did a while back it’s considerably stronger but it needs to be with the way the apexes run the arena


I mean, it really has to be tailored to the individual needs of the dino, it doesn’t always have to be exactly halfway between it’s components. I personally think Maxima is fine right now, but I don’t think it getting 10% armor would be a bad thing. I wouldn’t go higher than that though.


Agree its already good in arena plus there are still bunch of uniques that need buff (vexus, daryx, spinco)


Agree, I think that would help, even if it’s just that 10%, it would seriously make it so much better and help it’s case.

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It was fine before 2.0 when ludia buff it…
It can get armor in Exchange of some health and attack in exchange of crit chance

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I agree It should have the armor back, but 20% is too high imo. Having as much as 15% like It had before would be fair, tho having 10% just like brachi could be fine as well. Among the towers It is clearly the weakest and barely relevant in comparison while being just as hard to obtain given the rarity of its ingredients. It’s decent, but I believe they should be about equal in strength. Just a slight buff would do for Max and 10-15% armor is a good place to start. It’s possible It would still be weaker than the other 2 but i wouldn’t want to overbuff without seeing the effects of just the armor buff in its relevance before doing anything else.


It could have its 10% armor back. Otherwise she’s good as she is.


That might be the worst idea I’ve heard in a while… maxima needs no buff. EVER.

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Max definitely needs a buff


There definitely are uniques that do need a buff. But Maxima is not part of them.


Max should be at the top tier for uniques not the middle of the pack


Would say that around 17 out of 28 uniques are worse than Maxima. Of course, some are close calls or very situational.
So again, I think Maxima is fine.


If they give Ardentismaxima its armor back it should be less than 25% but on the other side she has much health and I don’t think they will give its armor back because of that health.

So yeah for now we can only hope for that armor to be back.