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Give maxima its armor back

I mean as long as it doesn’t get it’s 2.0 stats back, it’s fine with a little armor. When I say little, I mean just like 5-10% but that’s it. Then Max is fine as it is


I definitely like the idea of maxima having 10-15% armor but I also agree that it’s the only improvement that should be made. Having any dino too OP is never good.


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My buff, brings back it’s armor that I missed about it and removing that stupid extra cd on shattering ramp
(also helps ardont without giving it fierce ramp) and a slight attack buff


No thanks, he’s fine, maxi doesn’t need further messing with, there’s plenty of other dinos that need a buff tbh, & he can’t be that bad , he appears in most pvp battles.

I am going to ignore that distracted into the ground comment, because it does have resilient strike.
Originally Gem was better than Max. It had two exclusive ingredients of Diplo and Arambourgiania.
All three of these powerful sauropods have an epic dinosaur ingredient that is exclusive.
The thing is Brachiosaurus(the epic ingredient for Max) when it first roamed the land, it was not exclusive.
Later they made it exclusive and buffed Max accordingly, the problem was it was buffed so much it was considered the top tier creature for PVP.
If you got it in your four team unit, and your opponent didn’t you usually won.
Currently as it stands.
Gem needs exclusive Epic DNA and Two rares.
Max needs exclusive Epic DNA, an Epic and a Rare.
Skoona needs exclusive Epic DNA, an Epic and a common.

All three dinosaurs have some advantages and disadvantages. Max does seem to be the weakest of the three, but it can still beat Gem if it gets a critical on one of it’s attacks which is statistically about 40% of the time
The same thing occurs with Max versus Skoona. It can beat Skoona with a crit as well. Max can also uses it’s shield against Skoona with great effect, because Skoona can’t penetrate shields and armor like Max.

If Max got it’s armor back with no other changes, it would be the best of the three again.

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Max does not need a buff. It’s alright. It was a monster back then because of immunity and that armor but they nerfed it and it’s okay now.


Max should be top 5 for uniques


That’s just matchups among the 3, even If Max has a chance against them It doesn’t make It just as relevant in the meta. The other 2 are clearly better when It comes to beating other relevant end game creatures. I may be proven wrong If they decide to do it, but currently i seriously doubt an increase of 10-15% armor would make It better than the other 2. It doesn’t make up for the advantages they have over Max. The armor just makes It slighly better against creatures without shattering moves, mostly cunnings. But the other 2 are already much better against cunning creatures, so much so that the armor increase would barely tip the balance on Max’s favor. Given the fact they all have exclusive componentes and Max has higher rarity componentes, I’d argue It should be just as good as the other 2, and If you look at top leaderboard teams, that’s not the case. Max is pretty rare while gem and skoona are pretty common.


Erlikospyx can beat max if played currently. Max needs help.


I agree about that probably 10 or 15% armor
I don’t understand why when ludia nerf a creature, they need to go destroy it and not making something more stable.
It was clearly too op before but now it lacks something especially since brachi is exclusive.
Also the buff of Skoo is too much, once again we ask for a lil buff (1 or 2 stats/moves to change) not changing everything

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but what silly logic to use if we use your logic mamolandia should not have armor


What’s silly about it?

Your Mammolania comment is exaggeratedly off base. Mammolania comes from a 30% armored creature added with a 50% armored creature. Why would the hybrid suddenly lose it all?

Do we need to have middle school science class?

Clearly. As there still is no argument as to why that logic is silly. Just a blanket statement and your attempt at some sort of insult.

I agree with Maxima getting its armor back. Its really unfair that it was nerfed so much. Maxima has its flaws and deserves to have something back

The old maxima was broken because of its distraction resistance and the shield that lasted two turns. That has been adjusted accordingly. It never needed to lose that small amount of armor.

Can you please forward this information to the devs maybe? @Ned ? Please !!