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Give me DC with a swap-in DSR... just get rid of that dumb indoG2

Seriously, who is the brainless wonder who came up with this ridiculous thing? Honestly, you might as well just create a dino called :money_mouth_face:PAYUSTOWINASAURUS :money_mouth_face:. At least for once you would be honest with us. There are NO good counters to this thing. Monostego would have been - before you neutered it into more of a minor pest than useful tyrant.

I don’t even really ever feel outplayed in the arena anymore. Either I get my boosted crutches or the opponent gets theirs. I just give up and move on. There is NO challenge left in battling.

Oh, and now that Blue has been out for the week the spoofers that Ludia let’s play so they can get their money have all kinds of high level/high boosted IndoG2… but hey, they paid for it so I suppose Lidia needs to let them play a while before giving them a 24 hour ban.


1.12 balance changes could not come sooner with this thing running around.

You mean from that super helpful survey that 8 people could access?


i would be fine with balanced kit rework for indo g2. based on the lore of the franchise, it should be able to beat OG indo, but still should have counters.

to be “better” than og indo, it would either need to have a speed up/ slowing move, or have a base speed greater than indo’s 128. I think Indo 2 having 129 speed would be ridiculous, so we are back to the speed up/ slow.

It should also have some sort or precise/ nullify ability to counter OG indo’s evasive. I was thinking give DSR back precise, but rather than Definite rampage, do a precise shattering rampage, similar to DIorajasaur’s PSC. It won’t remove the evasion, just bypass it.


I only just got in 24 hours after the thing went live, and now I can’t back in. Sucks. I sincerely hope they scrap it and do it again on a functional website, but one can only dream.

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dracohaters from dracoreligion will accuse you of heresy for this title.

At least I didn’t go with ‘bring the tank meta back’. :crazy_face: